Club Officer Roles

Meeting participants play an important role in making the club educational and enjoyable.  But another group of people has even more responsibility for meeting quality and the long-term success of the club.  This group is called the club executive committee.  Following are the titles and standards of each executive committee member.


The president serves as the club's chief executive officer, responsible for general supervision and operation of the club.

Standards outside of the club meeting are to: Ensure club officers meet club officer and club meeting standards; oversee plan to achieve Distinguished Club Program goals and ensure the club is a Distinguished Club; encourage communication and leadership development through promoting CC, AC, CL and AL awards; ensure the club has an ongoing membership building program; attend and vote the club's proxy at district council meetings or ensure a club member attends and votes; attend regional conference and International Convention and vote for the club's proxy or send the proxy to the district governor; oversee administrative operation of the club in compliance with the Club Constitution and Bylaws; maintain relationship with the district and with Toastmasters International; schedule and chair monthly executive committee meeting; arrange for a replacement if unable to attend a club or executive committee meeting; search for leaders, ensure all club offices are filled for the succeeding term, and ensure that timely elections are conducted; prepare successor for office; attend district-sponsired club officer training.

Standards at the club meeting are to: Ensure meetings start and end on time; make sure guests are warmly and enthusiastically introduced; allow time before and after the meeting to speak with guests; read and/or display the club mission statement at every meeting; discuss the Distinguished Club Program and the club's progress in it; recognize member achievements in Toastmasters and in their personal lives; report on which "Moments of Truth" the club is achieving.

Immediate Past President

The immediate past president provides guidance and serves as a resource to club officers and members.  The immediate past president chairs the nominating committee, assists in the preparation of the Club Success Plan and promotes the club's efforts to become a Distinguished Club.

Vice President - Education

The vice president education is responsible for planning successful club meetings so that each member has the opportunity to achieve his or her educational goals.  He or she is the second-highest ranking club officer, presiding at club and executive committee meetings in the absence of the president.

Standards outside of the club meeting are to: Plan club meetings, completing schedules and assignments are least three weeks in advance and confirming each schedule five to seven days before the meeting; promote participation in the educational program.  Get commitment from new members to achieve the CC award within one year or less and schedule them to speak accordingly.  Get commitment from CCs to earn ACB awards within one year, and get commitment from ACB and ACS recipients to earn the next award within one year.  Get commitment from members to earn the CL award, and get commitment from CLs to earn the ALB award within one year.  Track all members' progress toward these awards; orient new members to the Toastmasters program within two meetings after they join; assign every new member a mentor; attend club executive committee meetings and preside when the president is absent; attend district council meetings and vote the club's proxy vote at regional and International business meetings; attend district-sponsored club officer-training; arrange for a replacement if unable to attend a club meeting; prepare successor for office.

Standards at the club meeting are to: Assign each new member to be a Table Topics participant at the first meeting after joining, to a meeting role at the third meeting or earlier, and to give the Ice Breaker manual project at the fourth meeting or sooner; ensure that a club member conducts The Successful Club Series programs "Evaluate to Motivate," "Moments of Truth," "Mentoring," and "Finding New Members for Your Club" at least once per year; monitor club performance quarterly in cooperation with the club president; initial members' Project Completion Record and ensure eligible members fill out their award applications; preside over the meeting when the president is absent.

Vice President - Membership

The vice president membership is the third-ranking club officer.

Standards outside of the club meeting are to: Conduct ongoing membership building programs and efforts.  Promote the membership goal of one new member per month and, if the club has fewer than 20 members, achieving 20 members by year-end or sooner.  Promote club and Toastmasters International membership building programs and conduct a minimum of two formal club membership programs annually; follow-up on and keep track of guests, new members joining, and members not attending meetings.  Send follow-up note to guests; explain the educational program to all prospective members, get their commitment to join and collect membership applications.  Bring the applications to the club for voting and, if the members are accepted, collect dues and fees and give them to the treasurer with the applications; attend club executive committee meetings; attend and vote at area council meetings; attend district-sponsored club officer training; arrange for a replacement if unable to attend a club meeting; prepare successor for office.

Standards at a club meeting are to: Greet guests and have each complete a guest card; report on current membership, promote membership campaigns and welcome new members; work with the president and vice president education to ensure each new member is formally inducted at the first meeting after being voted in by the club; help guests wishing to join complete the Application for Membership form; regularly speak with fellow members to determine if their needs are being met.

Vice President - Public Relations

The vice president public relations is the fourth-ranking club officer.

Standards outside of the club meeting are to: Promote the club to local media; produce and distribute a club newsletter at least monthly; promote membership programs; attend club executive committee meetings; attend other Toastmasters events; attend district-sponsored club officer training; arrange for a replacement if unable to attend a club meeting; prepare successor for office.

Standards at the club meeting are to: Announce upcoming events and programs; ask for contributions to the newsletter; greet members and guests.

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